We're a Canadian family that has decided to live with a little less so that we can do a lot more.

For us, that means leaving the safe harbour of home and sailing together for a year. We left in October 2016, purchased a sailboat, sight unseen in the Caribbean and set sail from there. We are currently in the Bahamas, ready to begin journeying wherever the wind takes us!

turning back

When Plans Change.

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six months

Six Months In!

Somehow, we’ve been on the boat for 6 whole months now! It feels like so much longer than that, but at the same time, it hasn’t been that long at all. Maybe it doesn’t help that the seasons really don’t change much here. It goes from hot to really bloody hot, to not so hot anymore but bloody windy, back to bloody hot, or some variation of that.



In the past 6 months, we have bought a boat, outfitted a boat, registered said boat, named the boat (Sea Spice!), fixed the boat, sailed the boat, motored the boat, washed the boat, broken things on the boat, laughed and cried on the boat, read books on the boat, learned to read on the boat (way to go Digory!), seen countless sea creatures (dolphins, turtles, rays, too many cool fish to name, lobsters) - you get it, right? We’ve really be living on this boat. And I mean reeeeeeeally living.

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feeling at home

Home and Feeling at Home

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