Summer Update

All of a sudden, we've been swamped by summer! We held off on holidays until the end of the summer and somehow they just crept up on us and took us over! We had planned a trip to Shuswap Lake in the interior of BC months and months ago with close friends and there was nothing that was going to cancel these plans! It was an easy, relaxing time, watching the Olympics or sitting around a campfire in the backyard (we stayed at a lovely vacation rental home - no tenting for us this summer!).

After that, we decided to take the trip further north up to Prince George, my home town, to visit my brother and his little family. More driving and then busy days and we were starting to feel like holidays were hard work! We loved our days of catching up and seeing all the lovely things, but we were starting to feel a little helpless to move any of our upcoming travel plans further. We don't have a laptop and there is only so much you can do (or want to do!) from your phone. Finally, after a busy and beautiful day spent in Barkerville, we drove the eight hours back home, where we promptly collapsed and slept deeply. 

I remember thinking "all I want to do tomorrow is watch Downton Abbey all day and eat chips", but once we woke up and were sorting out our packs, both Matt and I realized we actually don't have a lot of time to be idle right now. We had emails to get back to, contracts to sign, cheques to track down, people to call and things to sell! On Sunday alone we:

  • sold Matt's last (and most impressive) boxbike/cargo bike
  • sold my bookshelf (to the hippest craigslist friend ever)
  • packed a bunch of Rubbermaids
  • signed a contract for the sale of our condo
  • dropped off silkscreens at my super-friend's house (more to come on that later)
  • picked up stuff at the library (my second home)
  • emailed boat broker and surveyor about inspection coming up
  • and finally... started watching Downton Abbey season 6 (don't tell me anything!)

Where the heck are my chips?! I'm exhausted all over again just typing that.


You get the point. We've reached a point in this adventure where it is go-time, nearly all the time. There is always something to get done. 

This is super exciting, but we all really value our slow days and quiet lifestyle. Sometimes I look over at a Matt, with my most pathetic-whiny-wife face saying "I just want to be there already"... meaning our adventure, meaning our boat, meaning... let's just go already! I know this is all part of it, but I am just doing a lot of fast little eye-blinks to make sure I am really still on this planet and I haven't been transported to another dimension. 


Anyways, this week and next we are focusing on the boat survey, which will be happening on the 30th of August (later than we wanted, but we really aren't in control of a lot these days). Keep us in mind. This "limbo-land" as I've been calling it, is a hard place to be. Nothing and everything is happening. While we wait for the boat inspection to happen, we pack another box or two and try to imagine our life away from where we are right now, though still feeling strange/sad/excited at the prospect of actually leaving.
I find I am processing a lot of feelings, which will probably come out later, but trying to keep perspective and focus on heading forward. We never picked this path because it was easy, we understand that: changes are hard, transitions are hard - this growing up business sure ain't easy, but we're trying to keep looking ahead and trying not to linger on what is bogging us down right now, and accept it all as part of the journey.

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    Kim Reid (Thursday, 25 August 2016 23:49)

    I love hearing your perspective on the highs and the lows. So often we see everyone share the good and easy parts of their lives but rarely the struggle or transition times. Life has it both doesn't it. Love hearing the journey and all the bits in between....and you may need a laptop soon, as I don't think a boat will have room for a desktop, but I could be wrong ;)