How can you make this work?

We dream!

We wouldn't have started any of this adventuring if we first didn't get out there and dream. We saw cool places, did cool things and had cool ideas and let them grow.


We plan!

After we had a wild dream set in our hearts, we took steps we needed to get there. We made a seven year plan and immediately started taking itty bitty baby steps in that direction.


We save!

The worst (and best) part. I wish this part was easier. We are admittedly not very good with our money, so we had to be really diligent, which we weren't always, but once we had a plan it was much easier to see the end goal and strive towards that.

In reality, we've had to sell just about everything we own, downsize to a condo, and live frugally for a long time. We've lived in the most expensive place in Canada right now (Vancouver) and it's sucked us dry. The best choice for us was to stick it out and just do the best with what we have. We continued to focus on the things we do  have like:

  • our health
  • family living very nearby
  • a strong community of friends, old and new
  • access to the ocean (for impromptu sailing experience)
  • the ability to work well together 
  • healthy/happy kids that roll with the punches
  • enough drive to keep us looking forward, but not so much that it is crippling.

So, this didn't happen overnight.

It's taken us time. But money isn't everything and like someone reminded me, it is a renewable resource. We can always make more. We've made this work with what we have, and we just ran with it!

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    Wayne A (Saturday, 23 July 2016 12:47)

    Wish I was coming along. Keep me posted please.

  • #2

    Hannah (Friday, 28 October 2016 00:24)

    Hello Frances,
    So excited for your family. Would love to hear more about your adventures.

    All the blessings

    Hannah with Eunice and Abby