Where did you go?

The Route

This was never how we had things planned out, but this is the general route we took on our year long adventure trip. Looking at it now, it really doesn't look like much, but man: we felt every single kilometre some days. It was all worth it in the end - big adventures always are.

Our Journey Highlights.

The Caribbean

This was always on the list, where lots of our early dreaming started. We purchased our boat in the BVI's (British Virgin Islands) and started from there. We went back and forth many times to the USVI's, as they are quite close and both offer some great sailing and provisioning. It's truly some of the most amazing sailing in the world, and the best place to begin.

Then we spent two months in St. Martin, the French and Dutch island east of the BVIs. We really enjoyed our time there and made some solid friends whom we would cruise with for the rest of our time on the boat. 

Then, we set off towards Puerto Rico, with many adventures on the way, the biggest of which was our intended plan to head towards Panama, but turning around when our davits broke. 

But it brought us towards the Dominican Republic and then Turks and Caicos and then the Bahamas. These were all places we never really thought we'd get it. We wouldn't trade these adventures for anything. We learned a lot through these months heading north and saw some stunning scenery we'll never forget. Oh, and barracudas, and a ton of sharks. So yeah, unforgettable. 

As hurricane season approached, we set off towards Florida to get safe and decided to sell our beloved Sea Spice. It was an interesting process, but filled with positive experiences, which lead us to keep dreaming towards our next adventure... 


** also, keep in mind: my map route is not perfectly accurate... sorry those who have an extreme attention to detail. I did my best ;) **


Europe has always been a dream, especially for me. It was one of those decisions that we made on the fly: our bags were packed, we had money in the back and our wanderlust had not given out yet... so we just went for it. 
Looking at this map, I can still remember so much of every little twist and turn of this trip. We'll never be able to fully share the whole experience, but it was amazing. Coming from the west coast of Canada, the oldest building we have is from around 1902, and our country really only celebrating it's 150th anniversary, we don't see a lot of old stuff. So Europe sorta knocked our socks off, in that regard. We saw castles until we were sick of castles, we drank cheap beer, we window-shopped, we took the tour buses and we walked and walked and walked. I regret not bringing a step counter of some kind. 

We started in Cologne, Germany, where our dear friends we met in the USVI's live. They helped us register a vehicle and a caravan and send us on our way. From there, we went somewhat counter clockwise through Europe and the UK. Netherlands, to England, then to Scotland, back to England. Then on to Belgium and the West and South of France, to Barcelona and then back to France. From there, we ventured into Italy and then made our way all the way to the north of Germany to see other German boat friends who help us sell our vehicle and caravan. Then we finished our journey in Paris.


This takes no time to type, but it took four months of steady travelling to conduct. It seems like a long time, but it was mostly a whirlwind. To travel via caravan was an adventure of it's own, and I'm not sure everyone is cut out of it, but it was the best way our family could travel cheaply and efficiently. Caravanning was similar to the travel in the sailboat, but so different at the same time. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but we certainly took advantage of every opportunity we could along this journey. 

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  • #1

    Gerry & Jill (Friday, 17 February 2017 12:23)

    Surely enjoying your adventure. Having had a sailboat for a number of years we are happy but also terrified for you. Love Gerry & Jill

  • #2

    christy visser (Wednesday, 26 April 2017 02:52)

    the bahamas a beautiful, eluthera( one of the islands) had pink sand beaches and the people are very friendly,too many amazing places to visit!

  • #3

    shirley hughes (Monday, 21 August 2017 15:54)

    Hello How are you all doing sailing the ocean seems ages since i found any news of your trip How is ethel getting along would love to find out how your adventure is going hug ethel love from shirley (trebus) from england Hope you have all been enjoying your adventure love shirey