This is the right time for our kids.

We've had a couple people, and even ourselves, wonder if this is the best time to take off on this adventure with our kids. 


"Don't you want to wait until they are older, and can remember more?"

"Aren't they too much work at this age?"

"They'll have more fun when they're older!"


Yes to all of those things. We have thought those over, truly. But this timing does feel right for our kids' ages. We knew we didn't want to try this adventure when they were diaper age, or even toddler/naptime age. We wanted our kids to be able to contribute somewhat, communicate and be active decision makers in our adventure plans. Their ages now, (almost) 5 and 7 seems like a good fit. 


As we were driving around the interior of BC last weekend, Matt and I were glaring at each other thinking "how did we ever drive the whole way across the country a couple of years ago, with these crazy little people?!". Our kids are not at the best age right now to be in a car for 6-12 hours a day. They were when they were 5 and almost 3. It worked. It was perfect timing for us all.

Right now, that isn't their jam.


I can foresee them in just a couple of years being too old for this next trip! Having commitments and friends and connections that would be heard to sever. It is just around the corner, those moments when they stop leaning into us so much and start spreading their wings outwards and away. 

It hit me when I took this photo of Piper recently. The way she moves her little body, angles her head and tilts her hips: she is growing up, and even if she doesn't feel it everyday, it's happening.


I'm happy to seize this fragment of time to be together and share these memories while we can. Who knows what another year will look like, and who we will become. Our time is now, and the kids are at just the right age for this adventure. I can't wait to see how this trip transforms their young perspectives on the world around them and brings them into themselves. Even though they would likely remember more in a couple of  years, these years here and now matter so much still, and we can't let them pass with regret. 

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    Louise Chapman (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:24)

    I agree 100%. Excited to follow along!

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    Callista (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 01:02)

    I couldn't agree more! I think this is the perfect age. Ironically I was just saying to James how I love the 5-7 age for travel. A small Lego set or small container or Lego, some sort of small notebook/journal/sketch pad and a few pencils, a deck of cards and a chapter book are all they need to be "entertained" when being present/looking out the window isn't quite enough, or when they want to have something to focus on or have "quiet" time...unlike our 3 year old. They can also last longer without needing snacks every 20 minutes, unlike the 3 year old, granted the 3 year old did so awesome in our 7 hours of travel today, it shocked me. But they aren't too old where quirky things are "boring" yet, they like reading signs and finding out little bits of information and most importantly they (all 3) want to be with us all the time...that probably won't last past 10 is my guess so take advantage of this stage. Explore. Be together. Make memories. They will remember it and what they don't remember will most likely be photographed unlike a lot of the stuff they might not remember from staying put